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Block Crayon Drawing Course
Level 1

Simple, easy to follow drawing lessons!

Course Overview

This course is anyone who wants to learn about the unique and wonderful artistic medium known as block crayons.  Because of their shapes, the block crayons apply color in wider bands, much more like a paintbrush than a stick crayon or colored pencil.  This allows for blending of colors and shading--both of which allow for vibrant, rich, and beautiful visual effects.  In addition, the block crayons apply color quickly, much more quickly than a tradition stick crayon.  So, the beautiful drawings in this course can be created relatively quickly.  The 36 start-to-finish lessons take the student through 36 drawings, and the lessons average somewhere around 15 minutes each.  This course is a great primer for students who might want to later venture into pastel, colored-pencil, or charcoal drawing.  

Find out how easy it is to learn to play the flute!

What you will learn:

  • How to use the unique qualities of block crayons to create complete, colorful drawings with ease

  • How to blend the block crayon colors, very much like paints on a canvas, to create richer and deeper colors and color variations

  • How to control the value of the color, the lightness and darkness of the color as a useful artistic effect.  

  • How to modulate the value in shading techniques to provide clarity and depth to the drawings

  • How to use simple shapes, such as circles, ovals, egg-shapes, etc to build toward more complex figures such as animals.  

  • How to understand warm and cool colors and what they do in a color composition

  • How to understand complementary colors in composition

  • How to use contrast to highlight certain elements in a drawing

  • How to work gradually, rather than in a rush, because there is no "crayon eraser".  

What you will receive:

  • A materials list

  • A course introduction and overview

  • 36 start-to-finish lessons that allow you to work at your own pace.  You can watch the lesson all the way through.  You can pause it when you like.  You can watch and rewatch it as many times as you need.  

What you will need:

  • The few materials listed

  • A well-lit area for drawing

  • A device for playing the video lessons

Who is this course for:

This course is for anyone, youth to adult, who would like to learn some simple and effective techniques with block crayons in order to create some stunning artwork right away.  


As noted above, this course is a great primer for students who might want to later venture into pastel, colored-pencil, or charcoal drawing.

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Course Content

Start Here

Introduction and Overview

Materials Overview

Flute/Recorder Lessons

Lesson 1: Rainbow

Lesson 2: Balloons

Lesson 3: Boat, Sea, Sky

Lesson 4: Jack-o-Lantern

Lesson 5: Sun

Lesson 6: Leafy Tree

Lesson 7: Evergreen Trees

Lesson 8: Moon and Trees

Lesson 9: House

Lesson 10: Bird

Lesson 11: Bird with Nest

Lesson 12: Turkey

Lesson 13: Castle on a Hill

Lesson 14: Horse

Lesson 15: Rainbow Trout

Lesson 16: Flowers

Lesson 17: Dolphin

Lesson 18: Camel

Lesson 19: Bridge

Lesson 20: Mountain Range

Lesson 21: Lighthouse

Lesson 22: Octopus

Lesson 23: Seahorse

Lesson 24: Frog on a Lily Pad

Lesson 25: Penguin

Lesson 26: Monkey

Lesson 27: Donkey with Heavy Load

Lesson 28: Snowperson

Lesson 29: Hot Air Balloon

Lesson 30: Volcano

Lesson 31: Cave and Lantern

Lesson 32: Waterfall

Lesson 33: Snake in a Tree

Lesson 34: Bear

Lesson 35: Elephant

Lesson 36: Caterpillar

Homeschool Drawing Beginner Course Overview

Block Crayon Drawing Course

First Grade/Level 1

This course includes 36 drawing lessons for a First Grade Homeschool Curriculum or as a standalone course for beginning drawing. You are on your way to simple, easy to use lessons. Once you purchase the course you will have access to all of the videos and can begin your homeschool arts journey now!


Beginning Drawing Lessons
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Meet Our Course Creator

Rev Bowen, founder of Homeschool Learning Solutions, is a seasoned grades teacher. 

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