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Rev Bowen, M.A. (Human Development)

After graduating with a BA in English (1996), Rev completed his Waldorf Grades Teacher training at the Rudolf Steiner College in 2000. He taught as a grades teacher for 18 years, taking two classes from first to eighth grades and one class for seventh and eighth grades. During those early teaching years, he completed his M.A. in Human Development through St. Mary’s University (2004). From 2018 - 2020, Rev served as the Pedagogical Director of the school’s College of Teachers and then spent time as the School Administrator. He currently continues to teach several subject classes while developing courses for Simply Waldorf.

Along with having taught all of the main lesson courses in grades one through eight, Rev has taught many subject classes such as: handwork, woodwork, sculpting and modeling, painting, drawing, form drawing, perspective drawing, recorder and flute, hand bells, percussion, choir, drama, and games and movement.

During the last 22 years, Rev has been a keynote speaker, presenter, and teacher for various conferences and trainings, with these events being offered to Waldorf teachers, charter school teachers, public school teachers, and parent-educators. He has observed, evaluated, and mentored many teachers during that time as well.

Rev has been involved in consultations and conversations with homeschooling families for the last several years and he has designed other courses, prior to Simply Waldorf, for homeschooling parent-educators. Another interesting note is that Rev had one of his children in his elementary class for eight years, which has helped him to relate to parent-educators who discover the rewards and challenges that come with trying to balance the roles of parent and teacher for the same child or children.

It was during the recent years, while developing the homeschooling resource courses, that Rev realized how important and needed such courses were for those families who courageously choose to homeschool their children. Those conversations and experiences serve as the inspiration for creating Simply Waldorf and more resource courses for parent-educators.

Rev Bowen

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